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ABC: Always Be Closing - Thinking Business While on a Run

20 August, 2017 | Blog

You're reading this while on the Internet. I had to go on the Internet to get this information out. I couldn't do it while I was on a run, although that's where it popped into my head.

The Internet has evolved and grown exponentially through the years. It is now a necessary part of our lives. It has revolutionized banking, entertainment, communication, marketing, and even shopping. E commerce is on the rise. People today prefer online shopping from trusted vendors rather going to an outlet store. It is more convenient and provides several benefits as well.

Statistics show that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online. 96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their lives and 80% at least made an online purchase in the previous month. E-commerce continues to grow at a rate of 23% per year.

Online shopping also creates more options by allowing people to shop from international vendors as well. Although shipping from another country has higher shipment charges, Chinese sellers are unique in this respect.

Chinese sellers on different E-commerce websites throughout different countries provide free shipment worldwide. Despite the low prices of their products, Chinese sellers still manage to offer free shipment worldwide. While some sellers may keep low profits for themselves to gain higher ratings, others manage to do well by selling large quantities and bundling products meant for one geographical location together.

More than three-quarters of the world’s trade is carried out on commercial ships. The method is slower but more economical. Chinese products have a special traction for US consumers due to their low prices and free shipping. Statistics show that people are more encouraged to buy a product that offers free shipping even if the total amounts to the same as that of another product with shipping cost.


Most buyers when buying directly from China are aware that free shipping will take longer. The post transit time alone can last 3-5 weeks. Low labor costs in China Post are a key factor in reduced costs and free shipping for customers of Chinese products worldwide. Specifically in the US, people prefer waiting for their ordered products while they ship from China instead of ordering from a US vendor just because of lower costs and free shipping.

China is the number one exporter in the world right now and it has been so for many years now. When purchased in bulk, Chinese sellers and vendors can also offer discounted rates. This is why Chinese products have managed to invade every market worldwide. Chinese sellers are now also doing well in the e-commerce sector. Their products are shipped to customers worldwide.