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Trampolines for Your Daily Exercise Routines

21 October, 2017 | Blog

Trampolines are indeed a very helpful tool to entertain kids. Jumping on the trampoline is a good way to release their energy and contain them in one place. But more than just for fun, trampolines are also effective tools to keep your body fit. In simpler words, you will have a lot of fun while exercising on a trampoline. This is something that you can’t get from a traditional exercise routine.

The exercises you will perform on the trampoline are also known as “rebounding”. This type of exercise is much better than running or jogging. With it, the fatigue or stress part of the regular exercise is lessened. This is because with trampolines, less stress is placed in your leg’s joints, hence reducing possible injuries as well. Unlike jogging, you land on a softer surface with trampoline. Also, you don’t need to buy large and bulky trampolines for your exercise routines. Even a small sized type will do.

One form of exercise using a trampoline is called “trampolining”. A lot of fitness enthusiasts love it because of its advantages. Besides, you can simply set it up even inside your home, just as long as your ceiling is high enough to prevent injury. But for most homes, this fixture is often placed outdoor. Small trampolines are also easy to store and because of their size, they don’t require too much space. One more benefit a trampoline exercise offers is the improvement of your coordination and balance. It also improves muscle tone like your leg muscles. This is also a great tool to improve your heart’s health.

Furthermore, you may ask what particular muscles are affected by this type of exercise; it all depends on your fitness routines, but trampolining is a full body workout. With it, you are moving your muscles on your leg, abdomen, thigh and leg.

So, if you are now convinced that trampolines are good for exercise, then you should start trampolining and hop into your newly bought trampoline. However, just like other types of fitness routines, you need to take things slow. A quick warm-up will be needed so that your muscles wouldn’t loose up quickly. This is also needed so that your heart can prepare for more pumping activity than it usually does. Simple 2 minutes trampoline jumps will suffice or do so until your muscles feel like they are relaxed and ready for a more intense workout.

For the exercises, you can do trampoline jog. And don’t worry; this is doable despite the person’s fitness level. You just need to stand tall on the trampoline’s center and just jog in place. While slightly leaning your back, raise your knees when starting the routine and make adjustment to the chest level as you progress.

Other exercises may include jumping jacks, crunches, bouncing and knee lifts. Just make sure that you keep your trampoline safe for use before starting the routine. Check if the frames and parts are properly set and assess if it is well maintained. Also, place the trampoline in an area that is not congested and with enough space and make sure that there are no fixtures nearby that can possibly cause injury.